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Going to the great "beyond" one-day workshop

This event is hosted by North Branch Nature Center. To register, click here.

Nature-based early childhood education includes excursions to wild spaces beyond the fenced play area. Connecting back to the Friday evening keynote we’ll first discuss why we visit these spaces? In other words, what is the purpose of experiences in the “beyond.” Are we providing children with activities that align with these goals? This session will explore our current practices and how we can move away from learning in or about nature and toward more learning with nature. To do this we’ll consider the structure of our time, the physical environment, and our teacher-child interactions. We’ll also discuss how we integrate those experiences in the beyond into the indoor classroom. The workshop will include a mix of presentation by Rachel Larimore and active participation by attendees—through, for example, small group discussions. CEUs available!

This event is hosted by North Branch Nature Center. To register, click here. This workshop is preceded by an optional, by-donation Friday evening Presentation.

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Guided by the “Why?” — Making Intentional Decisions in the Nature-based Early Childhood Classrooms

Educators make thousands of decisions every day that influence children’s learning. It’s important to consider the overall goals of nature-based programs and whether or not our teaching and administrative practices reflect those goals. Rachel will challenge attendees to consider how well program structures, physical spaces, and teacher-child interactions align with the “Why?” of nature-based early childhood education. No matter how long you’ve been in nature-based education, you’ll leave this keynote reflecting on your practice, energized, and ready to change the world! 

This presentation is followed by a full-day workshop for educators on Saturday morning.

This event is hosted by North Branch Nature Center.

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Nature-Based & Forest Preschool Business Planning Workshop: Helping your business take flight

Facilitated by Rachel Larimore & David Catlin of Samara Early Learning, LLC

Registration is $135 and includes all presentation handouts, worksheets and business templates, and lunch.

Click here to register for this workshop.

(Please note, registration for the Nature-Based Learning Conference must be completed separately here.) 

This one-day business planning workshop is being offered in conjunction with Natural Start Alliance’s annual Nature-Based Early Learning Conference. Our goal is to help your nature-based or forest preschool dream take flight. This one-day workshop will not only help you get started, but also provide you the road map for accomplishing your vision. We will begin with an overview of the business planning process, then we will guide you on questions to ask and tools to answer those questions—all specific to the unique business needs of nature-based and forest preschools. We will provide specific guidance related to these topics:

·      Key decisions (e.g., mission, goals, administrative model, partnerships)

·      Programming plan (What will the program look and feel like?)

·      Site plan (How do I determine if a site is right for my business?)

·      Building plan (What does the ideal physical space look like and how can I achieve that vision?)

·      Marketing plan (Who is the target market? How do I reach them? How do I identify potential competition?)

·      Operating plan (How do I identify the nuts and bolts of my program such as schedule, registration process, insurance, etc.?)

·      Financial plan (How do I identify and track start-up and operating expenses?)

·      Risk analysis (What might go wrong in my business plan and how might I respond if it does?)

The workshop itself will be a mix of presentations and small-group interaction and problem-solving. All of these activities are designed to ensure you leave the workshop having made substantial progress on your business plan. Yes, you’ll leave with more work to do, but our goal is for you to leave with a clear road map of next steps to quickly and efficiently make your preschool a reality.  

Thank you to our partners in offering this workshop:

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