Consulting Services to Help Your Program Take Flight

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When done well, nature-based early childhood education supports children's whole development, while building their life-long connection with the natural world. Yet, because nature-based early childhood education is such a unique approach to education, many programs find the initial implementation challenging. After all, this usually means adjusting the typical daily schedule; modifying the outdoor play area to be a natural play area rather than traditional equipment; and establishing policies and procedures for outdoor play and excursions beyond the play area. We offer a variety of services to help make the move towards a more nature-based approach as seamless as possible for administrators and teachers alike. Click on the images below to learn more about these services.

Support for Administrators

Support for Teachers

Researching practices


At Samara Early Learning we typically begin our client relationships with a phone conversation discussing the current situation, desired outcomes, and potential ways we can help. After the initial consultation, we will generate a formal proposal outlining the problem, tasks to be accomplished, time associated with those tasks, and the associated price. While each project is unique you can expect from us timely, open communication, and that we’ll embrace the process by adjusting based on your particular needs.